Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +

1. Change the Screen Edge Side
If you're left-handed or prefer to have the Edge screen on the left side, you can change settings simply by going to Settings> Screen Edge> Edge Screen Position. Here you can set the side from which appear this function.
2. Make a clock appears on the screen Edge
Despite not having screen 'Always On', the Galaxy S6 Edge + has a mode that lets you see a clock on one edge. The lighting does not bother too, so it can be left active even at bedtime, because not consume too much battery, due to screen technology.
To turn this watch is only necessary to go to Settings> Screen Edge> Night Watch and activate the button.

3. Adding contacts to Screen Edge
The 'Screen Edge' Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + function is one of the most interesting of this terminal. Just by swiping from the right edge to the left it is possible to quickly access the most frequently used contacts from your address book.
In order to add or edit contacts listed in this menu simply need to go to Settings> Screen Edge> Contacts Edge.
4. Fast opening of the camera
One of the best aspects of Edge + is the speed of your camera. It can be opened with the idle screen in less time than it costs to take a picture.
To activate the camera quickly just press the start button twice. You also may want to adjust a couple of things while you're inside.
In the camera application, go to the Settings button and activate the grid sheet. This will cause a few lines on the screen to help the composition of the photos appear. The option 'Review images' is also quite useful because, instead of taking pictures continuously and then choose which one is better, the app shows you the picture you just took immediately after capture.
5. Discover secret game Android
Any version of Android has a secret game that can be accessed by going to Settings> About phone and pressing repeatedly on the 'Android version' section. Once the logo appears, you will need to multiple touches on it and let it down. Then he displayed one of the most difficult games that you've tried in your life.
6. Shortcuts and bookmarks
The Edge screen has a number of very useful applications. First, it is a good place to put your contacts and more frequent applications. The can assign going to Settings> Screen Edge. This will assign contacts or apps you prefer.
7. Enable rapid response mode
This is a very useful function. When someone calls you put your finger on the heart monitor Edge + for two seconds to hang up and send an automatic response to the caller with the message you have chosen previously.
From the screen Edge sees 'quick response' and edit the message field Quick Response to choose your option.
8. Use the download accelerator
Another native function Samsung is worth the download accelerator. This makes download time in larger files 30MB is reduced by combining WiFi and LTE connections. Go to Settings> More Settings> Download Accelerator to activate it. This will cause you reach your limit data more easily.
9. Edit settings and sound quality
If you use your phone as primary music player, you should keep an eye on the sound options. When using headphones the experience can be customized in various interesting options UHQ climber thanks to Samsung, SoundAlive + and Tube Amp Pro. Check out all of them to see how sound fits your preferences.