Facebook Live Video

The new feature of the social network, Facebook Live Video already has release date in Android. Next week we can start to see this feature on devices US and then spread to other countries although the date is not yet confirmed.

Facebook, the showcase of your life, wants more. Not content with knowing what you like, what you think, where you are and who your friends are, now I want to see everything live and direct. Welcome to the great theater of the world.

What is Facebook Live Video?
Live Video is a new feature of the application is to upload videos live like a normal image or a YouTube video is involved. Take a simple example. You're at a concert and want to share that moment live and live with all your contacts from Facebook, You activate the function and everyone can see what you're watching at the moment (which is probably a lot of other people recording exactly the same you).

This function has already been implemented in the United States but only for iOS users. Android users will also enjoy this feature has not been confirmed date but we hope the wait is not much prolonged in time.

This function has already been implemented in the United States but only for iOS users.

How Facebook Live Video work?
Use of this feature does not have much mystery. This new feature will be integrated in the status menu at the bottom next to the icons uploading photo, emoji, labeling friend and share location. The new icon will be placed on the right side. To activate just have to touch the icon, in doing so we will have a preview of the video. We can also add a short description and select our audience, that is, if we do the public or only to a select few. When you're ready, just go to "Go Live" and all your friends can see your news in the wall.

What is Facebook Live Video?
What smell the clouds?, Does it make noise the tree falling when there is nobody to hear it? The truth is that my answer to this question is more a personal assessment that a data target.

Personally I think it is useless but I predict a great success, as most useless things. If selfies have reached extremely high levels of popularity, the option of publishing content streaming made by the user will raze for one simple reason: I think Facebook is our ego.

If the boss knew how much time you spent shopping online or Facebooking, do you think he or she would be happy?