Minecraft Pocket Edition APK

In Minecraft - Pocket Edition explore randomly generated worlds and build wonderful things, from a simple house to a sumptuous castle. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or exploit the world in a big way with survival mode, making weapons and armor to get rid of dangerous creatures.

Pocket Edition includes randomly generated, multiplayer worlds via a local Wi-Fi network and Survival and Creative modes. You can create and create with your friends anywhere in the world, as long as you have spare hands and the battery to burn.
Our most recent update added the iconic Creepers. They are big, green, mean and exploit. But it is just one of many. Since Minecraft - Pocket Edition first appeared, we are still adding a lot of new ...
- Food! Now you can cook and go hungry
- Swords! Arches TNT!
- Breasts
- Skeletons
- Spiders
- Beds
- Paintings
- Much more!
But there are enough sales talk! Download it now! And have fun!

What's new in version 0.14.3
- 24 New Biome Settlers Skins! Play an extinguisher, a Mooshroom Forager, and more!
- Several bug fixes.
What's New in Version 0.14.1
- 27 new Story Mode skins! Join your own team of legendary adventurers!
What's New in Version 0.14.0
- More components from Redstone! Comparators, repeaters, dispensers, eyedroppers, hoppers, trapped boxes and other types of Minecart
- Spooky witches and their huts, complete with pots filled with random potions

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