3D Parkour Everyday

3D Parkour Everyday

Tencent's first 3D shuban Battle Parkour "Parkour Everyday" The only genuine sequel. "Parkour Everyday 3D" is from "Parkour Everyday" original cast and "Stranglehold discipline" original team together to create a vertical version of Tencent's first 3D parkour battle. Follow the traditional game based on the classic features, the first PVP multiplayer games are played with the screen. Real-time battle, speeding the same screen; people compete, enjoy PK! Film-screen take you into the magnificent world of adventure, epic original levels to explore any of your

  • Version:
  • Type: Agility Games
  • Language: Chinese
  • Updated: 2016-02-04
  • System: Android 2.3 above
  • Developer: Shenzhen Tencent

Update Tips

1. New Year Uncharted particular play;
2. new speed challenge levels;
3. New Adventure dodge gameplay;
4 new multiplayer qualifying play;
5. New face new war games are played;
6. New Chinese New Year theme roles, pet, treasure, activity;
7. optimize game performance and part of the interface.