Minecraft Pocket Edition

About the Game

"My World Minecraft" is known to be the world's first sandbox game. Initially, the game's world did not look wonderful, but this is a free world, in this world, you can create anything, including the game's environment, where you are God. In this game, you only need to do two operations seem: construction and destruction, but the fact is that so? You can use a variety of games provided the cornerstone to create a miraculous architectural buildings even do? While operating on the phone a little less convenient, but this does not affect the game itself wonderful, like the players rush to download it.

  • Version: 0.14.0
  • Type: Recreation
  • Language: All
  • Updated: 2016-02-19
  • System: Android 3.0.x above
  • Developer: Android enthusiasts

Update Tips

1. More Redstone member soon! Comparators, repeaters, transmitters, thrower, funnel trap boxes and various other types of tub;
2. ghost witch and cottages, including random potion and give full refining Cauldron armor stained;
3. can be used to show you the coolest trophy shelf items;
4. mucus blocks;
5. Put the pumpkin;
6. red sandstone;
7. the improved version