Day trip to the wind

Tencent Yen value burst table 3D agile hand tour "every day the wind Tour" strong incoming, usher in "new world" a new chapter! The new view of the world, the plot reversed small partners re-embark on the adventure; new Tarot maze, Constellation mythology, Revival Tour

Update Tips

1. Collect roles comprehensive advanced technology house, Choi baby chicken is no longer, a lot of gold, a lot of experience;
2. Tarot is no longer monotone, new bonuses, more tactical deployment of upgrades, scores Chong Chong Chong, six tower Luo array toward the summit;
3. strengthen fashion, without the equipment, property buy that too, so you get a more permanent fashion;

Type: Agility Games
Language: Chinese
Updated: 2016-02-25
System: Android 2.2.x above
Developer: Tencent