Rhythm Master

The new "Rhythm Master" Dancing your fingertips note, the game sitting on numerous popular songs, music activate your body cells, the most fashionable touch sliding key play, feel-class feel the rhythm, the challenge of playing a song nine advanced difficulty ! Massive music tracks, new songs every week Play free, simple operation as long as you follow the rhythm of the music notes or click whereabouts sliding screen to get the score, the more perfect note batter the higher the score, clever, art, professional music spectrum face design, pink favorite music, challenge themselves, challenge Q Friends

Android version update:
1. The upper limit of the total expansion of songs, most of the songs Results unusual problems to solve it!
2. Free mode select songs sorted again optimized to facilitate to find new songs.
3. Check Optimization props, no longer afraid of misuse props!
4. Hand Q interest tribe access it! Reportedly set the interface in the entrance.
5. penalties for the use of plug-in again strengthened, along with maintaining a good environment for the game, refused to use the plug.

Rhythm Master
Type: Agility Games
Size: 42.53M
Published: 2014-04-01
Language: 简体 中文
Mobile platform
Editor: Tencent Games