National Assault

"National assault" a new version of Stranglehold game shock struck, come and friends to attend the "Stranglehold qualifying" it! "National surprise" is Tencent's first 3D shoot-hand travel, gorgeous full 3D images to create film-quality visual feast; classics gun, cool tanks, build military fans Museum; the strongest mercenary group to develop a system that promoted all-round command officer; checkpoints mode, endless mode, reproducing the real battlefield; live real-time battle, no longer a lonely fire a gun! Join the "National surprise" to experience the thrill of a shootout, Zest battle!

Update Tips

1. New Crusade mode - Fam treasure hunt;
2.PK bulk of war;
4. mercenary 4v4.

National Assault
Version: 2.1.0
Type: Shooter
Language: Chinese
Updated: 2016-01-25
System: Android 2.3 above
Developer: Shenzhen Tencent

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