Freedom War

Exclusive hand of the king of athletics tour, which is MOBA! Exclusive King competitive mobile games! Operation to create original authentic MOBA feel! A blood! Triple play! Super God!Fog! Insert eye! flash! "Free Battle" is a subversion of the traditional MOBA class operating experience instant battle mobile game. Today you will come to the Empire and the freedom of the war on the battlefield, to conquer or be conquered, justice or evil, loyalty or betrayal, they staged on hot ancient continent. Gather your comrades starts the free battle, the epic lies in your hands!
★ Game Features ★
- The MOBA, which is MOBA, King athletics Exclusive Mobile Games!
- Perfect operation, simple and approachable, precise response limit micromanagement!
- Classic play, make up a knife, three killed, over one less god!
- Quweicunzhen create pure true MOBA, professional competitive battle!
- Battle ladder, high competitive fight, 5V5 team battles teach a man!
- Season operations, fiery new season, the most decisive battle of the King!

Freedom War
  • Version:
  • Type: RPG
  • Language: Chinese
  • Updated: 2016-01-28
  • System: Android 2.3 above
  • Developer: Chengdu ryongyon

Update Tips

1. The new "Spring Festival" No traffic patterns (Human Machine & LAN);
2. New spectator hall system;
3. Add daily quest system;
4. Combat settlement increase MVP title display;
5. profile information;
6. bug fixes and improvements;
7. the new hero - "destiny's child" Fabian;
8. added hero - "monuments royal" Barr III;
9. the new hero - the "wine successor sword" mystery hero 1;
10. new heroes - "Nu descendant" mysterious hero 2;
11. the new hero - "XX" mysterious hero 3;
12. the new 5v5 mode of battlefield equipment; increase "tactical vision" sensitivity adjustment option ; Spring Festival Features; battlefield information optimization;
13. game sound;
14 * 22 new weapons hero; a hero new skin * 4